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Tom Desanto Meet and Greet - SDCC 2010

Happening: Hero Initiative | Date: 8/19/2010

X-MEN movie produer and co-writer, Tom DeSanto, was our guest at a meet-and-greet with four Ebay auction winners at San Diego Comic-Con in Hero Initiative's ultra-cool hotel suite.  The event took place at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 22.

In honor of the X-MEN movie's 10th anniversary, Tom held an in-person "filmmakers commentary"  for these four lucky fans.  Each of the four auction winners were escorted to the H. I. suite by duly authorized H.I. personnewhere the got to meet Tom in person. In addition,.. each fan was able to get three Tom DeSanto autographs on items of their choice AND a groovy X-Men teaser poster.

Winners were:  Shawn Schillberg, Gretchen Meixner, Wendi Freeman, Peter Dixon