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N.I.C.E ... and Power Girl
By jatinder Ghataora in Northants International Comic Expo

When I met Jim Starlin after 33years or Power Girl and...
By jatinder Ghataora in London Film and Comic Con

SDCC 2012
By bcox in San Diego Comic Con

Power Girl at Bristol Expo and
By jatinder Ghataora in Bristol Comic Expo

Power Girl and.. at Birmingham expo..
By jatinder Ghataora in MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con

Cat Woman, Cosplay, Cat woman, Aliens,
By jatinder Ghataora in MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con


About PopCons

Having been avid Pop Culture Convention Attendees (and sometimes Exhibitors) for more than 30 years we truly love the experience of attending Conventions. Looking back on all the Cons we've attended, it is amazing how often we didn't take pictures let alone saved the programs we received. So we got to thinking that it made sense to create a site where people who love Pop Culture Conventions as much as we do could share their stories and photographs with their friends and other Convention Attendees. PopCons has the potential to become a deep archive that chronicles the history of Pop Culture Conventions.

We also feel the following groups, businesses or individuals will benefit from using PopCons:

Convention Exhibitors - As an Exhibitor you put a lot of work into preparing for your Convention appearance. So why not show off photographs of your booth? Maybe you're an artist bringing in a new sketchbook - show pictures of that too! PopCons is another way to get the word out about what Conventions you'll be attending and another way to market yourself.

Fan Organizations - There are a lot of Fan Groups out there attending Cons as Exhibitors and Attendees. Not only would PopCons be a good place to chronicle your adventures, but it would also be a good place to announce which Con will be your next stop!

Con Representatives - PopCons is also the perfect place for Pop Culture Conventions to upload photographs from their Shows once the Con is over. Think of it as free PR for you! Also, if you didn't want to upload all your photos after a Con was over we'd be happy to have one of our editors do that for you if you can get us the photos.