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N.I.C.E ... and Power Girl
By jatinder Ghataora in Northants International Comic Expo

When I met Jim Starlin after 33years or Power Girl and...
By jatinder Ghataora in London Film and Comic Con

SDCC 2012
By bcox in San Diego Comic Con

Power Girl at Bristol Expo and
By jatinder Ghataora in Bristol Comic Expo

Power Girl and.. at Birmingham expo..
By jatinder Ghataora in MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con

Cat Woman, Cosplay, Cat woman, Aliens,
By jatinder Ghataora in MCM Expo Birmingham Comic Con


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Is There a Fee to Post My Photographs to PopCons.com?

PopCons.com is a free image hosting service that allows pop culture fans to share their love of attending conventions with others. Once you've registered for an account and signed in you are free to create Journal Entries to post your photographs to.

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Signing up for an account to post photographs, or to comment on photos in someone's Journal is a simple process. Click the SIGN UP link in the upper menu, review the Terms & Conditions for this site, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. After you've clicked the Sign Up button you will be emailed a copy of your login and password promptly.

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What is a Journal and How Do I Create One?

A Journal is where you can post your Convention Photos but also write a Con Report. You're free to write whatever you like about the Convention, or nothing at all. To create a new Journal after you are logged in to the site, Click the User Admin link in the top menu, then click 'Create New Journal'. A Journal is always associated with a Convention to help keep things organized, so the first step in creating your new Journal is to select the Convention the Photos or Report is from. Instructions accompany the page that does this, but the process is to select the Category of the Con, the Con Itself, and then the Event based on the date of the Convention. If your Convention is not already listed in our database you are given the Opportunity to create the record of the Convention on your own. We'll be notified of this new entry and will take the time to review it and get it into our database of Conventions.

How Do I Add Photos to My Journals?

If you just created a new Journal or you are editing an existing Journal, you'll see a section of the Journal Edit page labeled "Associated Images". Click the ">>add new image" link beside that. Select the Image from your Computer using the Browse button. Give the photograph a Title, select the Active checkbox if you are ready to display the photograph on the site (unchecking the box will hide it from view), and write a Description if you are so inclined. There is also a drop menu to help categorize what the photo is generally about which you also need to select. Once you're done, click the Add Image button and the photograph will be transferred to our site.

If I See Something Objectionable on PopCons.com Whom Should I Alert?

If you feel someone is posting items to the site that are not convention related or contain objectionable content, we welcome your feedback. We cannot monitor everything posted to the site and appreciate the support. Please be aware that we do have a high tolerance threshold before we remove images from the site, and work directly with the Journal owner prior to removing any items we feel are not appropriate.

Are There Limits to the Number of Photographs I Can Upload to My Journals?

Not at this time although it has been something we've considered implementing as a means to curb bandwidth and hosting fees. If it ever becomes a priority we'll provide you with advance notice if you are over any impending limits.