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Cinema Wasteland Nov Update

11/3/2009 // Cinema Wasteland

Wow, did October fly by! Between the 10th Annual Cinema Wasteland Fall Show the first weekend of the month and this update, we weren't in the office more than three days at a stretch and didn’t get a good night’s sleep unless we passed out after one long-ass day. It was great to see so many friends and fans this convention season, but I really have to admit I’m ready for a break so I can finish up with some other projects this winter.

First thing we do is update the convention site for next April’s “Zombie” Show. We got great feedback from fans at the last CW Show when we put out an advance flier, and met a ton of fans throughout October that already heard about the April 9-11, 2010 show and can’t wait.

We’ve already got Al Cliver, Ian McCulloch, Richard Johnson and Ottaviano Dell’Acqua (the worm-eyed zombie himself) from the Lucio Fulci cult classic ZOMBIE (aka Zombi 2) ready to go for the next show and plan on adding a few more cast and crew members as they get back to us. We also have a few returning “zombie” guests like Bill Hinzman and Kyra Schon from NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD; Sharon Ceccatti-Hill and Jim Krut from DAWN OF THE DEAD, as well as actor/effects master Tom Savini ready to go for next April’s show. Now that we’re off the road, I will most certainly get cracking and try to finish off the guest list by the end of the year. The web site itself should be updated with what and who we have to offer by the time this update goes out, so head on over and check it out when you find the time.

A big thank you to everyone who voted for their favorite returning guests last show. Response was huge and we still haven’t counted all of the ballots, but counting them has already given me a few ideas for future shows. If you forgot to cast a ballot or didn’t attend the last show, we are asking everyone to only vote once, but we will have ballots available at next April’s show so we can hear from as many attending fans as possible. New to the update list and wondering what I’m even talking about? Just see the reminder below to fill yourself in.

While I’m still feeling that warm and fuzzy feeling from fans about the October show, allow me to rant a little about something that is stuck sidewise up my crawl. It goes out to all of the twenty-something might as well be chicks-with-dicks who can’t hold their booze and have “friends” kind enough to post video of you lightweight losers heaving on you tube. You sackless embarrassments are totally NOT WASTELAND and you aren’t welcome to ever return to something that is obviously way too cool for your kind. Regular Wasteland attendees can hold their booze and party through a three day bender like it’s a walk in the park, OR, they don’t drink and don’t show the world just how brain dead they are. You lightweight twinks might as well just be posting video of you blowing twenty guys in a bukkake session as far as I’m concerned. Please find a new place to hang out and leave the Weekend Wasteland party to the adults. It’s pretty much the same thing for all of the cheap bastards that just sort of show up in the evenings to party but don’t really care about the show or what it’s all about. Maybe you people should come and pick up all of the puking douchbag kiddies and you can all go and have your own party in a wal-mart parking lot? It wouldn’t bother me - or any CW regular, I’m sure - one little bit.

OK, I think that’s everything I had to say this time around. Time to break out the usual reminders to end things with.

TICKETS: For everything we offer our attending fans, there is no better bargain out there than an advance ticket to a Cinema Wasteland Show we can find; and no better time to plan to be with us for our next show than right now. No “hidden fees” at a Wasteland show guarantees every fan through the door is treated just like the person standing next to you in line; and your ticket in gets you everything we have to offer except for an autograph from our guests. Order before 3/5/10 and you can get an advance 3-Day Pass for only $35.00. And don’t forget that a 3-Day Pass gets you into the Dealer and Guest Room half an hour before single day pass holders without paying ridiculous “early admission fees” other conventions rip people off for. Fans actually get rewarded for saving money at a Wasteland show! You can also save $5.00 on any single day pass ordered in advance before 3/5/10 and get in for only $15.00 per day. (HINT: Two single day passes in advance is really like a two day pass special when you think about it.)

HOTEL: One thing you can always count on is that the hotel will be sold out by show time. And we take up every available room the hotel has these past few years too. As of this update, the hotel is booking rooms faster than normal, so avoid the headache of having to stay down the road by making your room reservations today. Reserve your room by calling The Holiday Inn direct at (440) 238-8800. Remember you MUST ask for “The Cinema Wasteland Rate”, or they will tell you that they are ”sold out” and have no rooms. AND PLEASE only reserve as many rooms as you plan on using. If you need to book more than one room, please call Lynn Ebner directly at 1-440-783-3006 and she will take care of your multiple room reservations.

FANS PICK TOP FIVE 10th ANNIVERSARY GUESTS: Next October 1-3, 2010, the Cinema Wasteland Movie and Memorabilia Expo will wrap up it’s tenth complete year with it’s 11th Annual Fall Show. And we’re letting you attending fans choose the top five guests you would like to see return for the big 10th complete year anniversary show.
We’ve not only had more first time guests than any show I’ve ever attended as a fan myself, but over 30 of them have never made a second appearance at CW or any other con out there. Add in the fact that we’ve had all kinds of popular guests that haven’t been with us in three years or more right now, and the selection is wide open to pick your favorites for a return visit. The only catch? NO EMAIL OR WEB VOTING. Since I couldn’t care less what somebody who has never actually attended a CW Show thinks about a CW Show, only those who attend the next show and didn’t vote at the October 2009 show will get a chance to vote.
We got a great response at the last (October 2009) show from attending fans and I’d like to thank everyone who cast a ballot. If you missed the October show or forgot to cast your ballot for your top returning guest choices last show, we will be handing out ballots again at the April 9-11, 2010 show. We’re going to ask that if you only vote once total, but since we have so many fans that only make one out of the two shows a year, we’re doing it again in April to cover as many CW fans as possible. Yes, we do actually value your opinion IF you actually attend our shows from time to time. Really. Ballots will once again be available at Registration and everyone who didn’t vote at the October 2009 show will have their chance to vote before we add up and invite back the winners.

Other than a toy and collectible show in Pittsburgh the first weekend of December we are now off the road for the winter. Plenty to do in the weeks ahead, so expect to see the past CW show recaps all finished up here very soon as well as a ton of new merchandise added to the Merchandise Section of the site just in time for Holiday shopping. (We take Visa, Mastercard and Paypal, Hint, Hint...)

It was a busy, yet flat as can be convention season this year, so here’s wishing everyone on the